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Get Limber for Summer Activities


For Horseback riding, Kayaking:

Try Upward-Facing Dog Yoga Posejordan1_copy

Why It helps: "Riding and kayaking require core stability, arm strength, and good posture," says New York City yoga instructor Kristin McGee. This pose opens the chest, strengthens the arms, and opens up the hip flexors, which can get tight from sitting. Stretches and warmups work to reduce the shock of a once-in-a-while activity.

How-To: Starting in a high push-up position or plank, let your hips drop toward the floor as you open up your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together and down. Keep your abs engaged and legs long as you rest the tops of your feet on the floor, relaxing your ankles; your legs shouldn't touch the floor and your shoulders should be aligned with your wrists. (If there's a pain in your lower back, keep your toes tucked under and feet flexed.) Lift your upper body and gaze straight ahead. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths.

For Hiking, Mountain Biking:

Try Chair Yoga Pose

Why It helps: It strengthens the gluteals and thighs, opens up the back, encourages the abs to lift, and stretches the chest, upper back, and shoulders- all good training for hikers with backpacks as well as mountain bikers who crouch over handlebars.

How-To: Standing with feet together, sit back into a squat, keeping knees over toes. Lift your arms up high, in a straight line with your hips and back, palms facing each other (or touching, if that's comfortable). Gaze up at your hands, which are slightly in front of you (not directly overhead). Keep your abdominals engaged and chest lifted. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths.

We offer a wide range of yoga classes, with something for everyone. If you are a local or a student your first Wellness Class is on us!

Source: June 2016 issue of Real Simple Magazine, Page 22, Pictured: Jordan Maxwell, BHAC Yoga Teacher.