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Jenny Ozner, CCP, RYT 500

Professional Coach & Certified Yoga Instructor


Jennifer Ozner is a certified professional coach who specializes in both High Performance and Fibromyalgia Coaching. Jennifer’s passion is to help busy professionals be the best version of themselves while remaining authentic to who they are. Jennifer, who is also an attorney, having lived with fibromyalgia for eight years has experienced first hand the remarkable change that coaching can provide in living your best life. She is now dedicated to partnering with her clients to move them forward toward their best self regardless of where they are currently right now. Her motto is “make the choice every day to be the best you.”

Prior to professional coaching, Jennifer’s professional background includes being a Certified Public Accountant, and an Attorney with her Master’s in Taxation. After practicing law for five years, Jennifer then went on to graduate from the University of Miami’s Professional Coaching Program which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Jennifer has also completed Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Coaching Program and the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute. In addition, Jennifer is a Certified Yoga Instructor in both the Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga styles and teaches meditation.

Jennifer feels that her diverse background has set the foundation for her life’s purpose of working with busy professionals to achieve their best selves and not settle for simply going through the “motions of life." Her coaching practice has a large emphasis on achieving mastery in the key indicators of high performance which are clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. She also feels that stress reduction and lifestyle change are key to bring about optimal wellness and life success. Jennifer believes and has experienced the idea that you can become any version of yourself that you want to be.

Jennifer lives both in Miami Florida and Beech Mountain North Carolina with her two dogs, piggy, and fiancé. In her free time she loves going hiking, practicing yoga, and playing tennis and golf.


Learn more by visiting www.jennifercoaching.com.




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Jenny's Rates

Coaching Packages:

(Fibromyalgia Coaching / High-Performance Coaching / Customized Life and Professional Coaching Options)
  • Initial Strategy Session: 60 minutes- $65 
  • 8 Pack of coaching sessions : 60 min (2 months)- $2,000
  • 12 Pack of coaching sessions: 60 min (3 months) - $2,950 (save $50 dollars)
  • 16 Pack of coaching sessions: 60 min  (4 months)- $3,900 (save $100 dollars)
*with purchase of package also receive free Miami Mediterranean diet book and an essential oil

Private Restorative Yoga Class:

  • 75 minutes- $150
  • Each additional person for yoga - $25 (max 3 people)

 VIP Day:

(Coaching, Private Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oil Private Workshop,)
  • 3 hours- $500
  • Each additional person for VIP Day - $25 (max 3 people)

*with purchase of VIP Day also receive free Miami Mediterranean diet book and an essential oil