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Holistic Breast Cancer Therapies 

for Side Effects, Stress, and Pain Management

Complementary & Holistic Breast Cancer Therapies at Boone Healing Arts Center:

Our Practitioners at the Boone Healing Arts Center offer a wide variety of complementary and holistic breast cancer therapies designed to restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit - in conjunction with conventional medicine. The following is a brief introduction to each of the therapies that we offer to breast cancer patients. For more information about a specific service, or to speak to a practitioner directly call us at (828) 386-1172.


Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Acu-Massage

Acupuncture is an excellent means to support the immune system after harsh treatments of chemo therapy and radiation therapy. It can also alleviate symptoms such as pain, anxiety, stress depression, nausea, fatigue, & hot flashes  that may occur from receiving cancer treatments. 


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Research in breast cancer patients has shown that yoga may be able to help; mprove physical functioning, reduce fatigue, reduce stress , improve sleep, improve quality of life. (www.BreastCancer.org)

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Massage Therapy

Studies have demonstrated that massage can offer some health benefits for people with cancer. Massage has been found to be helpful for: anxiety, pain, fatigue, immune function. (www.BreastCancer.org)

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In 2000, a study was conducted in Alberta, Canada, in which 90 people with varying forms and stages of cancer met as a group for weekly 90-minute meditation sessions. Participants also meditated at home in between the group sessions. After 7 weeks, symptoms of stress and mood disturbance had decreased. Six months after participants completed the study, their stress levels were still low. (www.BreastCancer.org)

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