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Practitioner Marketing Resources:

Facebook for Business

This page is for use by Boone Healing Arts Center Practitioners. If you have landed here and you are not a BHAC Practitioner, this information is most likely not pertinent to you. Please click the Boone Healing Arts Center logo at the top of the screen to be redirected to our home page. 

Thank you! - Boone Healing Arts Center Management

Facebook for Business:

We are constantly working on generating posts for our Facebook Page and we want to give you (the Practitioners) an opportunity to share on the BHAC page as well. To streamline that process, we have created a few forms for you to fill out so that information stays organized. Scroll down and find the form that most relates to what you would like to promote on Facebook and fill it out. Once you click the Submit button, it will be sent to Lynn and Chelsea and we will work out the specifics and get it on the page.

There are essentially endless ways to use Facebook as a business promotion tool. Here are a few examples:

Share an Article to Generate Interest:  
  • You are reading the news and they are reporting on a subject that relates to your Practice. That news story is a way to get people to learn more about your Practice and drum up interest in what you do. Let us know that you found that article, and we will post it to the Facebook page. 
  • You have a favorite website that you check in with regularly for Industry Updates relating to your Practice. If you feel that your clients and prospective clients would benefit from reading a certain article on that website, send it to us and we will put it on the Facebook page. *Something to thing to think about with this* make sure the article isn't too specific. Someone who knows nothing about your Practice may not understand the information. Always remember that not everyone knows as much about your specialty as you do.
Run a Special/Discount/Coupon:
  • Facebook is a great outlet to promote coupons, specials, and discounts. If you would like to run a discount, we can create a Facebook campaign around it. Make sure that the special won't put you in the red, but will seem valuable to the consumer. Typically dollar amounts are more effective than percentages. 

Offer a Giveaway

  • Facebook is a great outlet to promote giveaways. If you would like to get people excited about your business by offering a giveaway, we will set up an outlet for people to "Enter to Win" whatever you would like to give away. 

Share General Information to Generate Interest
  • People like our Facebook page because they believe in what we do at BHAC. They are interested in our practitoners, our services, our boutique, our wellness classes, event space, etc. If you would like to share something newsworthy about yourself or your practice. Let us know! Did you recently attain a new certification? Did you recently attend a workshop that you are excited about? That kind of information is great for sharing on Facebook.

So - scroll down and find the form that most relates to what you would like to share and fill it out. We will get in touch with you on how to move forward. Thanks! 

Facebook Marketing Forms to Fill Out:

Select the form that most relates to what you would like to share on the Boone Healing Arts Center Facebook Page, fill out the information, click the Submit button. The information you filled out will be sent to Mayra and Chelsea for review.

Share an Article to Generate Interest


Run a Special/Discount/Coupon


Offer a Giveaway

Share General Information to Generate Interest